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Hydraulic Generators

In Stock for Immediate Despatch

We currently have 2.5, 3.5 and 4.1kVa 230 or 110v, 50Hz Hydraulic Generators in stock for immediate despatch.
Hydraulic Generator 3.5kVa
The Power of Hydraulics

Hydraulic Generators  

Hydraulic Generators and Welder Generators suitable for Access Equipment, Construction and Agricultural Machinery and Marine Applications

HG Hydraulic Generators

Why Choose a HG Hydraulic Generator?

Compact, Secure and Reliable

Hydraulic Generators are compact, lightweight, quiet, reliable, require little if any servicing or maintenance, secure and generally more economical to operate than diesel or petrol generators.

The HG Hydraulic Generator incorporates all of the components required for ease of installation into an existing hydraulic circuit 3 way pressure compensated flow control, on/off/directional valve 12 and 24Vdc available, pressure relief valve and anti-cavitation, all generators are fitted with a Group 2 Hydraulic Motor these can be interchanged to provide power ratings up to 12 kva allowing use with flow rates as low as 12 litres per minute at up to 210 bar , the manifold can cope with incoming flows up to 60 litres with maximum regulated flow of 38 litres per minute at 210 bar.

  • Hydraulic Generators Ltd

    We’ve been manufacturing Hydraulic Generators for over 15 years ranging in size from 2 kVa up to 100 kVa, single phase and three phase AC Generators, DC Generators and Welder Generators

  • Custom Build Hydraulic Generators

    We also provide a custom build service for larger units, DC hydraulic generators, welder generators etc. If you can’t see what you need simply complete our enquiry form or give us a call.  

8kVa 230/115v Hydraulic Generator


The HG Hydraulic Generator is perhaps the most complete hydraulic generator available on the market today

Original Hydraulic Generator


Over 25 years ago we developed our first Hydraulic Generator

MK2 Hydraulic Generator


Within a few years we developed a unique coupling system which allowed us to close couple the hydraulic motor and alternator, significantly reducing the physical size of the generators allowing the generators to be more easily installed on a wider range of equipment. Space is always at a premium.

MK3 Hydraulic Generator

The Solution

Around 15 years ago MK3 was introduced, compact, versatile and easy to install we now have 1000's of machines in use around the world.

HG Hydraulic Generators


Our hydraulic generator design allows us to use the same manifold across a wide range of power ratings from 2.5 up to 12kVa, we can simply interchange hydraulic motors to be able to deliver the flow rate to deliver the required power and pressure for the power needed.

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