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So why choose Hydraulic Generator? Hydraulic Generators convert hydraulic flow from existing machinery into compact, quiet and reliable AC or DC  power or can be integrated into an extensive range of existing plant and machinery using either a PTO driven pump or Electromagnetic Clutch and hydraulic pump. Hydraulic Generators can be designed to suit specific applications and are available in an extensive range of AC and DC outputs.

Hydraulic Generators are compact, lightweight, quiet, reliable, requires little if any servicing or maintenance, secure and generally more economical to operate than diesel or petrol generators.

Hydraulic Generator for Rail Hydraulic Generator on Genie Z45 Hydraulic Generator on Haulotte HA16PX

We’ve been manufacturing Hydraulic Generators for over 15 years ranging in size from 2 kVa up to 100 kVa, our standard hydraulic generator manifold is designed to provide a simple solution to your hydraulic generator requirements. The manifold contains all of the valves etc. required for simple and safe operation and integration into existing hydraulic circuits, 3 way pressure compensated flow control, on/off/directional valve, pressure relief valve and anti-cavitation. Hydraulic Motors can be interchanged to provide power ratings up to 12 kva allowing use with flow rates as low as 13.5 litres per minute at up to 210 bar , the manifold can cope with incoming flows up to 60 litres with maximum regulated flow of 38 litres per minute at 210 bar.

We also provide a custom build service for larger units, DC hydraulic generators, welder generators etc. If you can’t see what you need simply complete our enquiry form or give us a call.  


Hydraulic Generators and Welder Generators suitable for Access Equipment, Construction and Agricultural Machinery and Marine Applications

2 no. 12 kVa 110v CTE hydraulic generators fitted to Volvo FM420 with a continuous drive PTO, these units will be feeding DC chargers fitted to Electric Scissors Lifts and Booms to enable them to be able to be charged whilst in transit or recharged on site, thereby improving utilisation and turnaround time.

Hydraulic Generator Volvo FM420Truck Mounted Hydraulic Generator

Recent Projects

58 no. 5kW 110v CTE Hydraulic Generators integrated onto Road / Rail plant for use by Network Rail, units had to be fully compliant with stringent Network Rail requirements, including halogen free and flame retardant electrical cabling, conduit and glands, additional alternator rotor and stator insulation, approved RCBO protection and IP66 enclosure.

Hydraulic Generator For Network Rail

Hydraulic Generator PDF Hydraulic Generator